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What is Ceacle Pipeline?
Custom workflowCustom workflow

Build custom workflows in minutes

Automate your work, save time and focus on what matters. Create your own pipeline and let the machine do the work for you.

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Use AI to create your pipeline

Describe your workflow and your pipeline will be created for you. You can also use a template and customize it.

How Ceacle Pipeline streamlines your workflow

Find examples of how Pipeline can help you automate your workflow.

Generate inspiration boards

Describe your project and Pipeline will create an inspiration board tailored to your needs.

Template Soon
Icon creation for web app

Resizes icons to fit all required dimensions for a web application, renames them in the format 'icon@512.png', compresses them, and automatically generates the favicon.

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Image classification

Classify your images ready for your e-commerce and get your data as a CSV (soon) or JSON file. Get the tile, description and keywords for your images.

Template Soon
Vectorize your images and colorize them

Convert a pixel image to a vector image and colorize it depending on your needs.

Template Soon
Smart resize your images for your social media

Content-aware image resizing for your social media. Get your images ready with minimal effort.

Template Soon
Upscale, convert and compress images

This pipeline upscales images to higher resolutions, converts them to a preferred format, and compresses for optimal size and quality. Ideal for web designers, photographers, and digital marketers.

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